Flywheel issue

i have an 04 yz450 and a week ago i put on the gytr flywheel part#gyt-5ta97-50-00. Today i took it off bc i didnt like it. I put back on the stock flywheel and go to start it and the bike wouldnt start. I kicked the dog piss out of it, for at least like an hour i tryed to get it started, nothing. Put in a new plug, nothing. so after a while of no fire i put the gytr flywheel back on and the bike started first kick. My question is have i internally messed something up with the timing or anything by running the heavier flywheel? For it to start with the gytr flywheel and not the stock has me :smirk:

Sounds like its either a coincdence or something happened to the stock flywheel when u took it off. Have you checked for spark with the stock one?

Possibly, you didn't index the flywheel on the key correctly.

thanks for the response guys,ok so after an hour of switching flywheels back and fourth and a tired leg it 100% will start with the gytr flywheel but not with the stock one at all, i made sure i put it back on the same way i took it off, when i took it off i wiped off all the oil wrapped it up in a shop rag and put it right in the box that the gytr came in and set it on the shelf. Im stumped on this one guys if i get it to start with the stock one i will let ya know if anyone has any susgestions please by all means let me know.

ttr250dude, it does have spark with the stock one as well as the aftermarket. :smirk:

ttr250dude, it does have spark with the stock one as well as the aftermarket. :smirk:

Well then im totally stumped. Is it a weak spark? Is it possible that something happened to the stock one when u took it off or stored it?

Got an idea. Did you check the key slot on the stock one? Maybe the slot got stripped or damaged somehow when you took it off. If the flywheel isnt lined up perfectly maybe your timing could be off? It makes perfect sense in my head but idk how to explain it hahah. This is all on a whim and i dont know much about cdi ignitions so please excuse me if i sound like an idiot and take it with a grain of salt. It would make sense with a lawnmower type ignition but idk bout a cdi.

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