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battle of the 250s

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Honda's unicam really holds them back- they flaunt it as weight savings, but in reality it retards the bike from revving too high, unless they used tougher springs, and then you just get into a cycle...

That's why I think they've had such a hard time developing their 250F versus the DOHC design. With the "Unicam", there's one cam, and the exhaust valves are operated by a big rocker arm. Honda says it saves weight, but that thing has to move up and down over an extended reach. It can only go up and down so fast, so you begin to run into a wall as the revs climb, which is what our little 250's need to make their full horsepower.

I predict the Honda will be under or equal powered, but with more torque and less compression braking. Time will tell...

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