Opinion a 2010 yz450f if you own one or have riden one?

So what do you honestly think about a 2010 yz450f?

idk bout 2010 but i just rode a FI 2011 450f and it was amazing. engine response the instant you crack throttle. huge power when EVER you want it in any gear. stock suspension was a little too stiff for me but im a little guy lol (140 w/ gear).

great bike over all.

Where did you ride a 2011 model at? and it was a yzf?

I rode it approx. 1.5 weeks ago. Before I tell you what I think, let me give you my background. I race vet novice in Ca. I have been anti-450 as I think they weigh too much and can wear you out. I spent the better part of 8.5k trying to make my 08 250f into a more competitive bike (big bore, cams, exhaust, etc). The 10 450 is everything I wanted my 250f to be. Felt light in the air and on the ground, the bike turns better, and power was very linear. It will be my next bike. I'll just have to live on my 05 250 2stroke (traded my 250f for it), until I can afford the 450.

I've had mine since January and I have about 30 hrs. on it. I really like it. I've done a few things to make it work better for me. The stock powerband is a little short for my liking so I put on a Yosh muffler and run the broad map. Since I'm fairly tall (almost 6'2") I run a custom SDG seat, Protaper low pegs, optional Yamaha tall handlebar clamp, and Protaper Windham bars. The bike is magic. Put on tires to suit your terrain, set the sag and enjoy. Took me awhile to get used to it but I'm real comfortable now. It takes a lot less effort to make the bike turn. I know that sounds like magazine BS but it's true.

The engine has a different feel than what I'm used to (04, 06, 08 CRF450) but it's plenty fast. My 06 and 08 Hondas felt like they had more torque but the Yamaha is infinately more responsive and it feels like it builds rpm faster. Six of one half dozen of the other. I feel like it's as fast as anything at the track.

I always hated the yz450 because it felt like a gutless 450 pig that weighed a ton and pushed in corners.... I took the chance cuz I got a smokin deal on one and read all the reviews and ive got to say... best bike ive ever owned. Handles unbelievably and feels quite light given what the scale shows.

I've have about 20 hrs on mine Best handling 450 great suspension easy to use power and the tuner is a must. With the tuner you can change the way the bike makes power to suit your riding style or conditions. The bad: front brake is weak(changed the front caliper to a larger 06' caliper and put in good fluid, it has much better bite now and power), the air fliter is a 6-bolt affair to change(be careful if you wipe out in sand that you don't get a bunch of sand in the intake for the air filter, Two of my buddies have had issues with theirs.) Otherwise it's a great bike and I love mine!! Oh yeah the white one's look better and are way faster then the blue ones!

That front break could be a problem i like my frotn and back breaks touchy

i rode it at a vender demo in Colorado Day in the dirt. i was the first person to ride it too

Hey guys, I recently bought a new 2010 wr and yous are making me jelous cause mine seems slow I think, don't kno wat it is but I'm just not happy I don't think, might come over to yz again in a few years

I've had my 2010 since March and have made comments here and there on TT. Currently, I have an FMF full system on it running the smallest (94db) insert. This really mellowed out the bottom end hit more so than the 'less hit' map by itself. Combined, it's downright enduroish. So I went back to the stock map and got some of the bottom back but still found it to be too mellow. So then I went with the 'sharp throttle response' map (below).

GYTR or Stock Exhaust

Sharp throttle response; more overall power


-2 -4 -4

-2 -4 -4

-2 -2 -2


+3 +2 +2

+3 +3 +2

+3 +3 +3

Premium Pump Gas

This is an awsome combination and I could not believe how much different and better it felt for me. I now feel the bike can compare with my friends 09 KX in the power but still have a little more controlled hookup. BTW I'm running a 49t rear sprocket. (48 stock)

Since then I'm also running a 110X90 MX51 rear tire. This felt more 'normal' to me vrs the traction control feel of the 120. I'm currently running 105mm of sag with the forks legs flush with the clamp and love the handling. I weigh 185lbs and am a vet b rider. I've documented my suspension settings elsewhere but have since went one in on the fork rebound to 8 out I think this is due to the forks braking in and loosening up. I'm currently at 15 hours on the bike.

Also I put on an EBC oversize rotor. This takes care of any brake power issues. I like the feel with the stock brake line due to the bigger brake's power. I didn't like it with the stocker as I could pull the lever to the bars. However, if you are the type of rider who can't stand a soft brake lever feel, by all means get a stainless steel line for the ultimate in stopping power.

OK I found the other thread here's what I'm currently running (updated);

Fork settings:

Spring rate: 0.47 kg/mm

Oil quantity: 365cc (stock/MXA 355cc)

Compression: 13 clicks out (13 clicks out stock) (MXA 10 clicks out)

Rebound: 8 clicks out (10 clicks out stock)

Fork leg height: 0mm up

Shock Settings:

Spring rate: 5.7 kg/mm

Race sag: 106mm (MXA 100mm)

Hi-compression: 1-1/2 turns out (1-1/4 stock)

Lo-compression: 7 clicks out (8 clicks out stock)

Rebound: 11 clicks out (14 clicks out)

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more info
i rode it at a vender demo in Colorado Day in the dirt. i was the first person to ride it too

sure that wasnt a 2010? the 11s arent out yet...

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