I would like to ride a few enduros. Is there a set up(Lights) that i could put on for enduro rides and easily take off for mx? I haven't heard of a battery operated lighting system for a dirt bike. Does anyone know of any, or where I could look for one? Will the 2000 426 do well in an enduro. I do some trail riding and love it on this bike. Maybe I should just buy a wr.......

P.S. Thanks for all the help. I finally received my manual.

David Rehm


God Bless

Baja Designs has a kit, but you have to get a lighting coil or something($400) plus the light kit. Altogether I think it will run $800-$1000. PRICY!!!!

The lighting coil sticks out quite a bit further than the stocker and I've heard it creates a problem when shifting. Maybe the WR lighting coil will fit onto the YZ? Either way, you need a lighting coil.

I'll be getting my licence soon, so I've been thinking about this too. :)


I'm 15, live in MI and ride a '00 426F

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

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