1974 suzuki tc 185

i have a 1974 suzuki tc 185 dual range. so far i have noticed it is a little bit different than the ts 185's but similar. i am trying to get the electric start working but am finding that the person who owned it before me spliced a bunch of wires together and didnt know what they were doing. i have a manual for it but am having a hard time figuring what wires go where since there are so many spliced together. if there is anyone near lansing, michigan that might be able to help with this that would be appreciated.

I had no idea they had e-start, always thought they were kick like it's bretheren TS.

as far as i know the 185 is the only one that has electric start in the tc family. i bought it mostly for the girlfriend as a beginner bike since it does have electric start.

Well from my youth I remember that very few of the bikes I saw had electric start that worked more than twelve months

Time to learn basic auto/bike electrical theory. Not too hard. Battery holds chemical energy, you turn key, press starter button, electric starter turns over, bike starts. Off you go.

Check yahoo groups for a TC or TS forum. Someone has a wiring diagram for sure. Time to invest in a voltmeter and a 12v trouble light.


I don't believe the Suzuki used a typical electric starter motor. It used some kind of magneto repelling attracting setup.

its not that i dont know electrical on the bike. i have an exact manual for it with a wiring diagram in the back. the problem is that the wiring diagram says it should have a kill switch but there isnt one and the rest of the manual doesnt mention anything about a kill switch. i have looked over the diagram but it is not easy trying to track it out. i dont have alot of time to spend tracking it all out. part of the reason i want to get it the wiring fixed is because this bike needs to have a good battery and electrical circuit intact to even run. i cant get any spark unless i put some juice through it.

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