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Is it safe to jump down 2 Pilot jet sizes at once?

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I have a 2005 YZ250 that I've been tweaking to my liking but I'm just now exploring the jetting. I'm not a jetting expert by any means but I know enough to know that I'm rich right now, especially in the pilot circuit. right now I'm running the stock Pilot which is a 50. I think I could easily go with a 45 which is 2 steps down. Is 2 jet sizes going to lean all at once or should I just do one size at a time. 50 to 48 to 45?

My main is stock 178 (I'll play with this one after I get my pilot sorted out).

Stock needle at groove 2

pilot stock #50

riding at 2200 feet, motocross only

Low humidity and 70-80 degree temps mostly

Maxima 927 at 30:1 on 91 premium pump gas

Stock pipe and silencer

Stock head.

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