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Apollo HS funday THIS W/E

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Just a reminder there is that chance for you to experience a HS like event and ride for a minimal cost of $25 + $10 gate fee all you want from like 7-5 Sat and 7-2 on Sun.

Plus you will get to see what FTR racing and family is all about. This is NOT a race, but you get to ride typical HS trails.

I will be there Sat. most of the day (probably be parked near Dandy Dan Dyer's rig)

You can checkout more info either on FTR or Apollo motorcycle club websites.


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Hey DonO, thanks for posting this up for us!

Some more info:

  • peewee track open all day
  • 4 mile family loop
  • over 14 miles of hare scramble/enduro type trails
  • motorcycles only - no quads to contend with
  • water slide for the kids to cool off
  • FTR AA riders giving a free riding school for the mini's and peewee's
  • free primitive camping Fri. and Sat. nights
  • no FTR, AMA, or other memberships to purchase
  • state OHV certification for kids under 16 offered
  • Uncle Mike's BBQ serving breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • ice vendor on premises
  • Marble Slab Creamery will have the ice cream
  • Doug Harvey Racing and Atlantic Motorsports both on site

FTR forum discussion http://www.floridatrailriders.org/ftr_forums/showthread.php?t=6775

Maps, flyer, etc. on the Apollo website http://apollomotorcycleclub.com/

Hope to see everyone there!

Ride on:ride:

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AS KTM17a said,

In addition to the 2010 Husabergs, there will be a 2011 Husaberg 390FE and 450FE available for demo rides. There is a very good chance the new 2011 KTM models may be on display as well.

So you get to demo ride these HONDA WANNA BEES:smirk:

I'll send Scott an email thru FTR site for you.


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AMC did a bang up job. Track layout was sweet, the Deep South trail was the best IMHO.

Of course I "stupidly" :bonk:rode behind (way too close) my friends 2 smoker 1970's bike and started to get nausious (I almost threw up a couple of times). That caused me to sit for about 1 hr to get settled down.

It was hot, I mean hot!!!!!

Didn't care about no dam demo rides as apparently my crack smokin' has affected my judgement as to what a good bike is?๐Ÿ˜‰


btw, DAN, that's so nice you passed up this opportunity to go to the beach with Wifey. I guess your working on your tan for the first MX in couple of weeks huh!! You seriously didn't think I would let this go by without a response did ya?:banana:

Oh, yeah, Rick says I ride MASTER A because you can never catch me!!:eek:

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I'll let her know that you send your love. If you don't keep "Wifey" happy you don't go racing. Can't wait to line up next to you at the 1st MX. Maybe Ricky can come to give you moral support after you get spanked by pesky 101B.

Glad you had fun. How many where there?

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We rode the North Loop, Family Loop, and South Loop but never made it to the Deep South loop (insert banjo music here). :banana:

I thought the turnout was decent and never any problems with traffic. The North and South loop were tight singletrack with the south loop being hardly used (missed a couple of turns). The Family loop ended up getting chewed up pretty good due to most people riding that. I did ride the North and South loop together and I think it was just under 11 miles.

I heard of a few heat related incidents (over heated people and bikes). The heat was tough but good for training. They had a water station set up about halfway through the north loop. Suprisingly there was a little bit of water and a few places at the end of the North loop that were that black greasy mud.

Very well run and I would definitely do it again.

Mark C

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