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WR426F crash. Springs or Tires

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Did anybody had a crash braking hard a WR426F on the street?

A few months ago I had it. Fortunately I always wear helmet and protections, and I can explain it.

I was driving too fast in the city (over 50 miles/h) crossing a bridge, but just arriving to the top, I see all the traffic stopped, I braked hard with both brakes, the front wheel start to slide, I attempt to control the lever several times but the bike starts to sway quickly and I was launched to the slope of the bridge sliding in parallel with the bike (only one glove wasted up to burn my hand, but not too serious).

When I repaired the bike (handlebar, brake lever, right white cover) I thought the problem could be the front springs too hard, I'm very light (only 130 lbs) so I changed it to two size softer. The bike improved on all conditions, and now when I'm braking it has more front sinks, like if I were more heavy, but I can't still block the front wheel lifting the rear on the street.

I think it must be necessary. Is possible that stock tires (soft rubber) could be the problem?

With other off-road tires can I brake safety on the street?

Thanks or any helpful advice

:thumbsup:From now I will follow your advice:



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