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Acusa Park, South Australia - Enduro Loop

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Bought a GoPro HD a few weeks ago, and finally got to go riding to use it. Ended up at Acusa Park (South Australia) on the weekend just gone, and managed to get a few videos, this is the first video for the day.


I'm not fast, and don't have a lot of history of riding off road, and only really just got my bike ready to ride off road properly. Either way, I make do with what I have and have fun doing it. (6'3" on a TTR-230, there's your first problem).

The camera angle is a little low. Looking too close infront, the angle of the camera and the widescreen angle all account for that haha.

Either way, make what you will of it. I felt like putting this video up because I could not find ONE video of the Enduro Loop @ Acusa Park on the net any where !!!

Have fun, I did.



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