WR450F 2004 engine power...

Hi all...

as a newbie on this forum I couldn't find any "Say Hi" topic so I say it here "Hi ;-P"...

I just bought 2004 WR450f (street legal ;-P), and I've noticed strange thing in my registration documents... It says that this engine has 31kW. Well, I thought that when I buy 450 it'll have at least 40kW or more. I'm pretty surprised right now...

I tried to find smth about this bike through VIN decoder(maybe You'll be more lucky JYACJ04W000014081), but no results. My local Yamaha dealer has all info about this bike, and everything is correct (in papers).

Therefore, did WR450f had 31kW engine(or maybe it's corked to meet street standards)?

When I need to buy smth I can only choose this :


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