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Roof Rack Fairing?

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When I had a Subaru Outback I had a Thule roof rack and reqularly carried two bikes. My highway average mpg was:

Without rack altogether - 25

With rack and no bikes - 24

With rack and 2 bikes - 21 - 22

With rack and fairing - 25

With rack, fairing, and 2 bikes - 23 - 24

Do the roof rack fairing help with gas mileage, absolutely. Plus it really quieted down the wind noise inside the Subaru. With the bikes on the rack, or even the rack itself, and no fairing the wind noise was a PITA. With the fairing I hardley notices the additional air turbulance and resulting noise.

I realize this isn't the roof mouted fairing you are referring to but I figure if the little fairing that Thule makes for their roof rack made this much difference, the type of fairing you are referring to for towing would provide similar results.

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Actually the Thule was the type I have looked at only mounting a copy all the way at the back edge of my Tahoe to try and push the high pressure up over the front of the trailer to reduce drag.

Its interesting the rack alone reduced fuel mileage that much and the fairing equaled it out.

Thank you for posting!

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Stumbled on this in the parking lot of a camping event we went to in PA last week. It was sheet metal and riveted together and held on the roof rack with 4 zip ties!




That mounting scares the crap outta me, especially considering if it breaks loose, someone could get an eye poked out (or even worse).

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