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rebuilding the LED tail light anyone?

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I've done some searches, so if someone has already done this I missed it. I'm interested in fixing the tail light vs speding another $20 on one. I'm cheap like that. Anyway, I've got two that I have successfully burnt out due to riding without the battery (I know better now). I took them both apart, and they look pretty basic. One is the stock Honda piece, and the other is Acerbis. They are a little differnent, but still look easy to fix. Both just use a small printed circuit board with the lights attached to it.

The stock Honda part has the 4 LEDs in there, and what look to be 2 resistors on each side, and another bigger one in the middle. Mine are burnt on the ends, so I can't figure out what goes in there?

I'm going to head to RadioShack to see if they have a clue. I'd like to just put 4 new 12v LEDs in there, and replace the resistors, does anyone know what resistance they should be if they are even resistors? Any help would be appreciated!

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