Hello just signed up with questions

Hello great site, just purchased a 01-wr426 and alot of my mods on the bike came from here. Now if anyone can help? I ride trail in Alberta Canada between 2000-6000'. The bike has the BK mod, FMF Q-pipe, stock head pipe, wr timed, yz throttle stop, air box lid removed,blue wire cut, 168 mj, 45 pj, 3 turns on the fs, DRQ pos 3. Power is good all round but I'm running lean I believe as it pops decelerating and at steady higher throttle settings. Also at idle it does not want to come down for a while.

WELCOME!!! dont have that answer but Iam sure its comeing.

Yes, it sounds lean on the pilot circuit, but, the pilot jet you have is plenty rich. Maybe your DRQ needle needs a bigger pilot. I am not familiar with running this needle. 3 turns out the FS is already alot. First, I would check to make sure you have no air leaks in your head pipe or exhaust. If all that is buttoned up good, then, try a 48 pilot jet. Do a search for your DRQ needle and see how other members are jetted running that needle. :)

Hey, better idea, instead of going to a 48 pilot, try moving the DRQ needle to position 4. This will make richer just off throttle and should also give you more torque out of the hole. It should pull wheelies easier. If this is not enough, try position 5. :)

Dont worry because you are now in the right place to get your bike sorted out.I doubt your bike should be lean on those settings,take a look at how the carb is mounted in its rubber boot`s,use a torch so you get a good look at it and check to see if it is seated proper(it is verey easy for the rear one from the air box to be squint!)if you are sure the carb is fitted ok check the free play on the throttle cables(not too tight!,and holding the slide slightly off the idle stop).Take a look at the tail pipe outlet and see if it is black and sooty(too much fuel),now take out the plug and check it out,if its all black and sooty and you can see none of the white insulator(far too rich)put in a new plug,also make sure your air filter is nice and fresh(they do not like a dirty filter).I would try the 42pj/75 paj 165 mj/200maj,and if you got the standard needle whitch should be the OBDQR try clip #3(from the top)1.5 fs.I am not saying that this WILL be the correct set up for your bike but it should run ok for you to try it.READ the jetting qs posts at the start of the forum,there is much for us all to learn there(it is very good),and take your time when changing the jetting(dont go changing all the settings in one go,it only leads to more confusion!)take your time and write down what you feel from the bike when you make one change at a time,it will help.Dont try to get it perfect in one go it wont happen,but when you are happy with how it runs go ride it for a while and see what it tells you,there are plenty good guys on TT that will get you there,so dont give up on the bad days! :)

Welcome, you've come to the right place. I would highly recommend doing a search on Taffy Jetting as it really makes the bike run great. Just converted from the more traditional to the Taffy setup and its awesome, specs are in my sig. Just goofing around in my backyard and the bike has way more low end and is great, wheelies with just a small flick of the throttle. Member LarryCO has some jetting suggestions in his signature for elevation and runs the Taff setup. Good luck.

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