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Carburator jetting HELP !!!

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Hi, when I was cleaning my carburetor, I took out the SLOW jet, but accidently broke the slot where the screwdriver goes. After taking it out with a vice grip, I notice that the number was 45, then I check the MAIN and it was 170, took the needle out and the number on it is the R1471NS,(witch I couldn’t find on the manual).

With this configuration I was getting strange slow range. Sometimes over heated, and only when I was half throttle open the bike sound Ok.

The standard jetting for this 93 RMX 250 is:


MAIN 150

I understand a little about jetting, but is the configuration that is on the bike now logical?

I change the damage jet, but with the original a No. 60. How can this affect my carb.?

Should I change everything back to standard settings?

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