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Installing MRD/SSW and 3x3/JD Jet kit. Few questions

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My MRD/SSW is coming in the mail today and I'm going to go install it right after work.

Questions relating to exhaust:

Will I need to remove anything besides side plastics? Do I need to wait until motor cools down before installing? What size socket does the stock header gasket take?

Questions relating to JD/3x3:

How long would you guess it would take a total noob to disassemble/cut 3x3/rejet? Just need an estimate because I'm deciding if I have time tonight.

These are correct specs for 0-1000 elevation with stock motor/3x3/MRDSSW correct:?

160 main jet

blue needle 4th clip

fuel screw out 2.5 turns

stock 22.5 pilot jet with the extended screw.


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A cool engine will save your hands from burns!

The seat needs to come off to get the side panels off, and I'd remove the tank, also. If you do the carb at the same time the tank must come off.

If you're a little green around your bike I would budget at least 2 hours to install the exhaust and jet kit. It can be a bit of a pain to remove and reinstall the carb, and it can take a little time to line up the exhaust to eliminate any clearance issues.

Your jetting specs look good to me.

Good luck!

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hey pt, thanks for the help again. What size bit do I need to take out the plug for the extended fuel screw? Does it just pop out? I'm still a little confused about this.

Also, do I need to know anything before removing the tank? Do I leave any lines connected?



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My plug was already removed so I don't know the exact size to use, but just choose a size large enough (3/32" or so) to thread a small wood screw into the hole to grab onto with pliers and yank it out. I've heard it often comes out while drilling, also.

When removing the tank, pull the lines from the fuel cock and leave them connected to the carb. That's how I do it, anyway.

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Pull off the seat and gas tank for sure. Only 2 bolts for the seat. 6 bolts for the shrouds, 2 more bolts securing the tank to the frame.

If you have not pulled the DRZ tank off before... note that there are two lines running off the bottom of the gas petcock. Be careful how you set the gas tank on the ground, I have read of people that have damaged the petcock during this process.

Depending on your experience.... read the jet kit instructions... and take your time.

I would agree on a couple hours.

Make sure things are clean if you will be working on the carb while it’s still in the bike. I removed the throttle cables from the top of the carb when I did the rejet to make it easier to spin the carb for access to the bottom.

My header bolts were allen head... not sure on the size?

Jetting specs you listed should be good... I am running the exact same and am happy with it.

Can’t recall what tool I used after drilling out for the extended air screw... allen head or screw driver... Don’t remember but it was obvious at the time.

Heat gun, razor blade and the 3x3 is easy.

Good luck!

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Hey guys, so getting that stock exhaust off was a pain in the ass. And holy shit, the MRD is loud-- got a warning beep by a car alarm next to me this morning. Please tell me the quiet insert takes the edge off.

Anyways, I have a few questions.

I could not find the gasket off the stock exhaust, but I put in the gasket that came with the MRD. I felt around for the stock gasket, but didn't do any intense searching. Could it be possible that I have 2 gaskets in right now? Would someone mind taking a picture of the clearance between the header and their engine-- as well as the clearance between their radiator and their header?

Also, how tight should the allen bolts go to the header? I did it by feel, but I couldn't get a great feel for how tight they were.

Also, can someone tell me where this bolt goes???


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I checked and I in fact only have one gasket in (The OEM one.) This much I know for sure. I BARELY have clearance the the engine mounting bolt, which is confusing considering I have the newer version MRD. Maybe it's my 2008?

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One more quick question. Is it ok for the pipe to be touching my frame(near the peg)? I can't seem to find a way around this. Also, i can't get the pipe to be flush with my peg without rubbing on a bracket above it. Any ideas?

Here's where the pipe is touching the rear right plastic bracket if the exhaust can is perfectly fitted with the rear passenger peg.


Here's where the pipe is touching my frame WHETHER OR NOT the exhaust can is perfectly fitted with the rear passenger peg.


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