GPR 2.0 stabilizer...anyone?

Any of you guys on the bleeding edge purchase the new GPR 2.0 stabilizer yet? I would like to hear any impressions/opinions you might have regarding it.


Looks as though RTT may now have a little competition for my stabilizing up-grade dollars.

I have a Scott's, and have no issues with it, other than bulk in where it mounts, and RTT bringing me a thumb-mounted lever really caught my eye.

I hear that Mr. GPR really goes out of his way to offer support at events.

Any cost numbers yet?


I just got off the phone with Joey at Gpr.(I was ordering parts for my new unit) He said the 2.0 is a prototype at this time, though they will sell it to the general public with some stipulations. It mounts underneath and raises the bars a good inch! Hope this helps! :D:)

Raising the bars one inch with a riser also moves them back 14 mm unfortunately. That is the stabilizer I will order if gpr ever gets back to me.

My GPR 2.0 FINALLY ARRIVED!!! I am somewhat disappointed in GPR. I unpacked it and it was oozing oil from several of the bolts. ALL of the allen bolts keeping the top plate on were LOOSE! It didn't appear to have lost much oil but I'm worried that I'll need to have this new unit serviced. That means riding downtime as this is an all-in-one unit. It seems to have a "dead" spot where there is no dampening (left and right) from dead center. So, I can basically turn the bars a 1/4 inch left and right with no dampening. Is this caused by the oil loss or is it normal? I have never used a stabilizer before and I don't know what to expect.

The fit and finish of this stabilizer is excellent. Not too sure about the DH triple clamp though (kinda ugly and the WR mounting hardware didn't fit well) but it all worked out just fine. There were no torque specs for the clamp or the stabilizer included. I like torque specs (I'm kinda anal that way. :))

GPR 2.0 Photos!


Is that your bike in the pics?...if so I like your gas cap vent!!! :D Looks mighty familiar



Is that your bike in the pics?...if so I like your gas cap vent!!! :) Looks mighty familiar

:D :D

Yes, that's my bike in the pics!! THANKS for the link to vent cap, BTW. It's matches nicely with this: Reservoir cap :D

I wanted to let everyone know that the dead spot I was referring to was caused by a lack of oil. The oil that had seeped out during shipping created an air pocket inside the stabilizer. I spoke with GPR and they advised me how to fill and bleed the stabilizer. Works GREAT now!

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