cherry red pipe on 426

i just bought a 2001 426 and i had it in my shed idleing for about 2 minutes and the header pipe was cherry red. has anyone else noticed this? is it normal when you first start it a couple times? help would be appreciated. thanks


This is normal. No need to worry.

Arts right, a glowing head pipe is normal, kind of scary looking, but normal on the 426.


Oh yea,

Did you get around to looking at the stock silencer? If you havent, take a look at the bottom of the silencer (above the caliper) They look they have been bashed in by a hammer. When I first saw it I thought the dealer dropped it during assembly, but thats the way they come from the factory.


ok, thanks guys this makes me feel better now. yes, i did notice that the stock silencer did have that mark too. i figured it had to have been designed that way. i put a fmf power core 4 on mine. i like it except for the fact that i have to repack it.

i'll keep ya posted

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