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'78 Kawasaki KZ 400 B1

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Hi there and greetings from Canada!

A friend has offered me my first motorbike, a 1978 Kawasaki KZ 400 B1 like the thread title says, on which I hope to do maintainance and tune up in my spare time.

First, the bike itself: I don't know how long ago it has been since the previous owner rode the bike nor last turned it on. When I inspected the bike for the first time a few weeks ago, I noticed the insurance for it expired in autumn of 2003. Since then I believe the bike has never been started. On a basic inspection (as I didn't know what to look for) I noticed that the rubber fittings on the front shocks were slightly cracked and worn and I also heard gasoline in the tank. Other than that, it has been sitting in a side of a heated and insulated two car garage.

From asking around, I expect that I may have to drain the gasoline from the tank, purge the fuel system of moisture, clean the carburetor and replace both the oil filter and the oil itself. I've found a website dedicated to this mode, and it has all sorts of shop manuals and diagrams for the bike, which should be very helpful in the future. I've never done any serious small engine work with an exception for a small 6 horsepower lawnmower. I have very few tools at the moment but I aim to get myself the ones I need as I go.

Firstly, what sort of up-front maintainance might I have to do? How serious might those be, both cost and time wise? (Merely hypothetical as I know I haven't described much here.)

Second, what sort of tools would you recommend? I've been told a set of metric wrenches and sockets, a torque wrench, a rubber mallet and some various lubricants and other miscellaneous shop things.

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