woods riding a YZ426

i got a 2001 426 and like to ride in the woods as well as motocross tracks. besides adding handgaurds what are some other things i can do to make it a better trail bike? thanks "pete"


I have a '99 and race enduros and ride 90% woods. Consider the following:

1) Change gearing, I went down one tooth if front and shortened chain for shorter wheel base. Many just go up 2-3 in back.

2) Flywheel weight I have 10 oz, but am going to 12oz.

3) Drop front forks slightly

4) Skid plate / disk guards

5) Suspension mods depending on your weight

Stock is a little firm for the woods.

6) Trim bar width.

I also went with tall/soft seat with higher bars, but I am 6'1".

Have fun it is a great woods bike!

The 426 is a blast in the woods, the gearing on my 01 was too high, dropped counter shaft to a 13, but this runs on the sliders more. Will probably go to a 52 rear and back to the 14 front. The suspension is a little stiff for roots and rocks, Pro-Action will be getting my forks prior to the hare scramble season around here. Get used to running it up in the meat of the rpm range. I have found the harder you can run it in the woods the better it sticks to the ground. I will be adding at least a 10oz flywheel weight myself. Gearing then suspension, you will be good to go. Enjoy!

You will probably have to have an exhaust with a USFD approved spark arrestor, at least to ride LEGALLY.

I went with the White Brothers' E-series exhaust and I'm really happy with it. Many others have gone wih this exhaust because it performs better than stock, even on the track, and offers the spark arrestor.

Just my 2cents


I'm 15, live in MI and ride a '00 426F

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

Get a bigger gas tank... Having extra gas for those long rides could be nice :))

I have a WR tank shroud and Seat I could give you and buy your YZ Tank shroud and seat.... :D

I bought a used 98 yz that appears to have been set up for trails, it has accerbis bark busters, skid plates and has a WR tank, seat and shroud.. I want to convert mine back.. granted I will lose the extra gas capacity but I ride mostly MX rather than trails..

If you are interested let me know.


Tom N.

ok thanks, i'll let ya know if i decide i need a bigger tank. how much does a 10oz. flywheel usually cost? i'm gonna order one soon i kinda wanted an idea though. would you guys recomend renthal twin walls or pro-tapers? your input would be greatly appreciated. thanks alot


If you have the cash and want to kill two hondas with one stone, then you could buy a e-line lighting coil. It adds 12 oz. to the flywheel and obviously gives you lights. It is $490 but I just put one on my '99 and it's a pretty solid unit. Actually, for $680 I got the coil, headlight, taillight, regulator, harness and a IMS 3.2 gallon tank as the "enduro" kit that e-line offers. If you priced it out seperately, you save some major cash. Looking forward to those summer night rides! Hope this helps you out. Later.

BTW, you can also buy a new stator/lighting coil for the YZ for around $225.00. It is compatable with fly-wheel weight and no change in side case cover like E-line. Try www.mxsouth.com if intertested.

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