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Another trials tire question

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I have been running a MT43 trials tire for the past 3 seasons and absolutely love in for the NW woods riding I do. But, I have been running it on 2-strokes and have not run one on a 250f before.

I have the Pirelli ready to go, but also have a Dunlop 803 that I picked up. The Pirelli has the stiffer sidewall and is taller. The Dunlop is a radial and have great reviews.

Anyone have experience with either of these on the WR's?

I also want to make sure they will fit with a stock chain. The Pirellis is really tall and I will have to move the slack adjusters back quite a bit.

Any advice out there?


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So, one vote for each.

In looking at the MT43, I know it will be a very close fit.

The trials tire is amazing in rocks and roots for sure.

The MT43 can be ridden a bit more aggressively because of the stiff sidewall, but I have not tried the Dunlop so cant compare advantages and disadvantages.

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