Wipe Out Rule #1

Adrenaline, yep, I agree. Thats why you never hear of anybody dozing off behind the wheel while driving at 140MPH on the freeway. But at 50-60MPH, people fall asleep at the wheel :), and kill themselves, and others everyday.

If your on trail 6 at Foresthill at the WCTT ride and you dump it and there is no one around to see it, did it really ever happen? :)

Its not a crash or a wipe out

I am trying out a new trick for Metz

I wanna see a picture of that!!!

Bonzai :)

Here ya Go Yami

When ya get to the GMBII I will show ya How I did it.

BTW Thats Blue one watching in disbelief


You were going so fast you bent the front rim. Unreal... :)

If it hurts it counts!

So, Sunday as I launched off the side of the trail into a steep V-shaped ravine, all I thought of was how to stick the landing. (never crossed my mind that I was about to break my neck by headplanting and leaving a 4-6" depression in the ground) Unfortunately, although I did achieve complete seperation with the bike for a while, we (the bike and I) were blissfully rejoined when it decided to try to overtake me in my frantic tumbling through the weeds and muck. So, as I lay half in the little burble or creek coming from the culvert (the one buried under the trail I just departed, like 10 feet under!) I realized to my dismay that both of my legs were pinned under the bike and the spark arrestor was trying to burn a new hole in my a$$. Alas, how to truly stick the landing? All I could do was try to straighten my upper body (it almost worked, ah relief as I realize I am not paralized) and thrust my arms skyward (it almost worked too, only I was not sure which way was up). Now, would someone PLEASE get this thing off me?

It only took five guys to get the bike back up to the level of the trail. We basically just had to lift it into the air, move it six inches up the hill, and set it down. Repeat...

Testament to my WR - My helmet sustained more damage than the bike did. Twisted the clutch lever and decomp lever back around to the "front" side of the bar, kicked for 5 minutes (I guess the carb is not approved for sustained inverted maneuvering) and ride shakily down the muddy trail!

Tight trail, so only the guy directly behind me actually witnessed the headlong tumble into the abyss, but the ravine was so steep he said it was more like I just disappeared, couldn't believe it when he jumped off his bike to peer over the edge and see me "sticking the landing".

This past weekend, dropped bike in about 3' of water after hitting a large submerged moss covered rock in a mountain stream. Completely swamped the bike which fell over on top of me. I remember thinking for a second while I was under water it would look awfully funny to have the caption "Drowned in 3' of water under nice clean Yamaha" on my headstone. Does this qualify? :)

I am one of the lucky few that has never crashed. Just in case I ever did, I used to practice "throwing away" the bike so I wouldn't get caught up in it, usually from a standing position in while in the parking areas. But I have never had to use my throw-away skills.

If you crash, does it hurt?


Here is my $.02 worth. If the crash does not hurt, try something new- HIGHER GEARS! Yours should be real similar to the rest of the bikes, try 1 down and 4 up on the little shifter "thingy" down by your left toes!

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