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Watchdog wiring

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Wow, I have the worst time trying to find people who use the watchdog as an enduro computer. Isn't there anyone out there who's tied one into the stock three wire odo??😏

Careful, buddy, you're sort of suggesting that everybody else is the DA because they haven't been answering your question.

OK, but let's move to your question...

I can see why you would want to use a Watchdog instead of the OEM computer- the WD is a far superior product.

I have worked with my Watchdogs over the years when battling broken or tired magnetic pickup sensors. The Watchdog computer uses a magnetic reed switch with a simple on-off signal just once every rotation of the wheel. You will have to see if the Yam sensor has the same signal type and frequency per wheel revolution. The third wire may be either a ground or a 12VDC power. Or, the Yam may send a signal much more often than one per revolution.

In the worst case, run the WD with the normal magnet on the disc?

Good luck with it.

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Thanks, I'm certainly not suggesting everyone's a DA. I was just showing frustration I guess. Sorry guys:worthy:

Anyway, I did find a larger magnet to use and got everything rigged up. I still have the problem of the stock odo gear housing and wire to get rid of though. Can I get a spacer that will work that may seal ok so I don't get crap in the right side hub??

Yeah, been using the WD on my KTM, like it but need to pay attention to it more, too easy to have too much fun riding and forget to look down and burn a check:foul:

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Yeah, it would be good to remove the odo drive and cable.

I have both bikes in the garage to compare. Rats, I just had the front wheel off the WR earlier this week for a tire change and I could have taken a closer look to see if a seal would fit in the hub on the odo side.

Just looking at the two bikes, it looks like the YZF has a different axle than the WR- from just eye-balling it, it appears that the YZF's axle has a longer shoulder on the RH side of the axle. You'd have to check the parts fiche part numbers to be sure. The YZF has a RH axle spacer, you will need that too. At that point, your axle and spacer should be good.

Now to seal it up... When you remove the odo drive, the bearing will be exposed, so you will need a hub seal from the YZF. Also, the YZF RH front hub bearing has an outer seal, but that is no big deal- just get a YZF bearing from either Yam or a bearing kit.

Seems to me, that somebody on this site has done the odo removal sometime ago.

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