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I want DRZ Plastic

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I have the huge IMS tank in Blue , my head light shroud is white and damaged and I'd replace it if I could find a reasonable source.

I also have damaged front and rear blue fenders and my side panels look ok condition in white.

I have seen Acerbis kits on Ebay, they include front and rear fender, rad shrouds(don't need), side panels- but don't include the headlight surround.

Where can I pick and choose Acerbis pieces I need.

My local dealer is$80+ on the headlight surround and they are back ordered, In fact all the OEM plastic is back ordered and would take at least 2+ weeks to get.

I would like to have my select pieces shipping before the weekend.

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I like the Acerbis- on TT here it is:


$129.95 for front and rear fenders, rad shrouds and side panels in Black only??

Black would look fine, I would want the black headlight surround then and I guess I could sell the rad shrouds and my current white side panels.

Is there a BLACK paint for the white plastic that won't scratch off easy?? If so I could paint the white headlight surround to get by for a while.

Then there is the UFO plastic on TT, I could get the front RM250 black fender for $24.95, and the rear DRZ fender in Black


Is there a source for a non- OEM fork protector?

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not sure on the fork protetor I think bronco did a write up in the FAQ for KTM fork protectors for an SM if your talking aboutthe rubber boots on the E and the S I havent heard of a non oem source

I got my headlite shroud from ronayers 1.5 years ago $46 prices musta gone up

paint always scratches but a few have used black bedliner on the plastics and liked the look and claimed its durable, I dont care for it as there is too much texture for my taste

TT store sells OEM also so you could place your entire order w them if your so inclined

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you can get a near complete set from wheeling


its at the bottom, just gotta get the shroud at that point.

Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, I haven't looked on there in a few years. I like that I can pick the RM fender seperate and not have to buy the complete set . I plan to call tomorrow and see if they have front RM250 fender and rear DRZ fender and side panels in black for immediate shipping and I like the swingarm stickers in Black/Blue.

My mistake on the fork protectors- I am just putting that DRZ back together after it sitting for a year- It's my 2 KTM's that have fork protectors.

Next I'd need some blue highlighted stickers for the panels to blend the colors and protect the plastic and I have the IMS tank with built in shrouds , so the full set stickers won't work for my tank very well, anybody know of side panel and front and rear only sticker sets???

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look what I found- cheapest side panels yet $40.46 i 3 colors- took some digging as the newer models didn't list availability , but of course my 2001 is the same as a 2010.


Even their front and rear fenders are a little cheaper.


That gives me another place to call

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Wheeling has plastics and will separate so you don't have to buy full kit TT store was best place I found for blue shroud get it without white sticker to really save.

Most other headlight setups are weak unless you add hid or racelight.

was that an OEM or ?? Not sure where to look, how about a link- thanks.

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