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2 pigs back in action

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Get ready for a long post people:moon:

Back on January 4th I was riding my pig home from work in the morning and a guy (must be a KTM rider) decided to cut right in front of me from the other direction causing me to lock up the brakes and hit his vehicle while I was going around 25mph. After getting out from under the truck and my bike I stood up to check my bike out and my leg buckled inward. I layed back down on the road thinking I broke my leg right below the knee (which would have been better for me.) So after an ambulance ride to the hospy x-rays/cat scan they told me that I had fractured my femur right at the bottom above the knee and had ligament damage, theysent me home so I could see a knee specialist.

Acouple of days later the doctor sent me off for a MRI and later on informed me that my ACL, LCL, and PCL ligaments were toast, that's 3 out of the 4 in my knee. So a month later I went in for surgery. The surgery was 8 1/2 hours with 2 doctors. They replace my ligament with an achilles tendon out of a cadaver (hopefully from an athlete.) Here are some pics:




Fast foreward to now. I have been working on my bike for a couple weeks and just got it going today 😏

I installed new head bearings, skid plate, wheels, front fender, clutch lever, all new cables, vapor computer and dash, and other misc items.

Here she is:








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Wow, 25mph and all that! Glad you are doing OK, and the bike.

Good thing it happened now vs a few years from now. With the new health care they would have cut it off at the knee and taken the bike saying its do dangerous.

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Thanks for the comments guys. So far I have ridden around the front yard a little, but I haven't worked up the cajones to pull out into the road as of yet.

I recently hit the tracks again after probably a month off, check my posts about getting hit by a kangaroo.

The night before I was particularly nervous, I think sometimes we think we are imortal until a little whack brings us back down to Earth, so to speak, so there I was, riding along feeling quite edgy and approaching where I was kicked by the Roo, I slowed down to reminisce and show my riding buddy where I got whacked and you wouldn't believe it but about 4-5 Emu's where loitering just meters from where I went down:foul:

Anyway, when I went past, there was a huge sense of relief and I just blasted for the rest of the ride, imortal again:thumbsup:

Your bike looks good dude, get back on it as soon as you can:ride:

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Bike looks good! 😉:banana:

I had some work done on both of my knees, one was minor meniscus damage, one was the LCL and meniscus also. The hardest part about it was getting used to the knee with the LCL repair. It felt like a different knee after the surgery, which took some getting used to. :eek:

Once you're back on, it doesn't take long to get into it. Visiting the scene of the crash seems to work for some reason, kinda works it out in the brain (at least it did for me, twice!)

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hey trying to eat over here, next time take a couple while they got it open, although probaly not apropriate for display here. Very nice bike, get well soon, been there hopping around on the good foot in the garge myself. So did the other guy buy the parts.

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Man that sucks about the knee. Blew my ACL and tore meniscus to shreds playing basketball and had the surgery, with similar scars, on my knee. Glad they used cadavor parts because they took some of my hamstring to make the replacement ligaments. Make it priority to do all the exercises and stretches they tell you and do the PT. It sucked while I was doing it but I have no problems with the knee now and can still be pretty hard on it. My 2 cts on the knee.

Bike looks awesome. Glad it all worked out

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