GPR Stabilizer

Has anyone tried the GPR steering damper? It seems to be close to $100 cheaper than the Scotts. If anyone has tried the GPR or knows someone that has please reply.

I have a friend in Phoenix who races an XRs only 650, most recently in the Baja 2000, and he (and his team or whatever) used one in that race. He also uses it in the Whiplash series that he also races occasionally.

His opinion was that it worked as well as a Scotts. The unit was given to him for his race bike by a sponsor though (not sure which one, could’ve been XRs only), so its not like he picked it out.

I thought the mounting was overly bulky, it totally blocked off access to the oil filler, but of course each mounting kit will be different. The unit itself is bigger than a Scotts and not nearly as trick looking if you’re wondering…

The main thing I would be concerned about is availability of mounting kits for different bikes, bar positions and top clamps. My friend had to ditch his Applied top clamp and remount the stocker in order to run the GPR.

Second hand information, but I hope it is helpful…

I just remembered that on his first or second (he’s gone through four or five) XR 650 that I rode the Scotts damper also looked like it blocked the oil filler, so that may be a problem for the big XRs regardless…

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