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'09 Valve Cover - Thank You TT

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So I had heard some horror stories about how hard it is to work on the 07-09 WR450s - specifically removing and installing the valve cover.

I just finished my first valve inspection and before I started I did a search on TT and read every thread I could find on the subject. As a result it took me less than two minutes to remove the cover and less than two minutes to install it. Yes I had to wiggle it a bit and stick my face in there up close to see what hoses etc were in the way but over all - pretty simple job thanks to TT.

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About to do my own and would appreciate your tips for getting the cover on/off.



Search this forum - use "Valve Cover" in an advanced search in the title. Read all the threads that have been posted with that title since 2007.

Take it one step at a time.

Remove everything the factory manual says to remove

Cut the little zip ties so all cables and wires are moveable.

When you removed the cover, as you lift it up, pull the gasket off. It is glued on and I had to gently run my finger around the end to get it all off.

Remove cover out the right side of the bike.

To me the biggest secret was moving wires and cables over and away from the frame so that the cover could be lifted high enough to clear the cam sprockets.

IF you look closely there is LOTS of room towards the front of the frame so use that to your advantage.

When installing I set the gasket on the head first

Installed the right rear corner of the cover first and kind of slid it in at a 45 degree angel and then rotated it counter clockwise and dropped it onto the gasket.

Ran my finger around to ensure the gasket was properly seated around the outside and around the spark plug hole.

Buttoned it all up.

Worked great.

Good luck.

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