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Fix KTM 125 SX suspension?

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What do you do to make the 2004 125 SX suspension behave? Is it possible to get the front fork to work or do I need to replace it with a öhlins or similiar? Should I toss out the stock shim stack and build a new one? I read in the reviews that the pro's share my thoughts about the suspension and they say that the front fork is the biggest problem

What about the rear, do I need to change the internals there too?

I'm 130lbs and at the moment I have 3.8 front springs and a P15 spring in the rear (racetech), which gives me a rider sag of 90mm without gear. Even so, it bottoms out in the rear with stock settings and the grip sucks unless I make it even softer. Front only bottoms out when I overdo a jump. Front feels very harsh.

I'm not a pro but amongst the fastest around where I live so small differences is starting to make huge differences and the suspension isnt near that of a honda or yamaha... 😏

The tracks here isnt very smooth, braking bumps and acceleration bumps are quite "pointy" and you can feel every little one of them in the front fork. Rear feels good except theres lots of grip to find with a better setting.

The bike is actually a 200 SX but its the same suspension as the 125.

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the front has what is referred to as a "3rd" bushing that needs to be removed, rods need to be drilled too. Can be re-done and works great. Cost money tho.

Rear is the 2nd year if a top out spring and are more difficult to get right. Replace the rear with an 05 or 06 shock and you will be more happy. You can also slip in the tubes from any year 03 and up, maybe you can find a set already revalved and setup for your weight. This is the beauty of a KTM, everything swaps from bike to bike, year to year.

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