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Athena Big Bore P/N

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Hi Guys,

can you Confirm the Part Number for WR250 F 2008 Athena Kit please...

as looking at Athena site it states

YZ 2001-2007 P400485100012

WR 2001-2010 P400485100012

YZ 2008-2010 P400485100036

WR250F and YZ250F same up to 2001 - 2007, but 2008-2010 is different on YZ, but Wiseco state the Same for 2001-2010 for YZ/WR 250F ??

And Finally Wiseco v Athena which is the prefered weapon ??


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The stock compression ratio on the YZ changed in 2008, which is why the model years changed on the piston offering on the std and high compression 77/79mm parts. The compression ratio for the WR is the same on all the years. Wiseco made the 83mm 290cc piston fit all years of the WR and YZ, although the actual compession ratio using the 83mm piston does change from an 07 to an 08-10 YZ. Wiseco part was built from the ground up on a dedicated forging to optimize the strength to weight ratio and build an application specific part. Besides the high quality design, the skirts are coated with ArmorGlide permenant skirt coating. It's a 2-ring design to minimize friction and offer peak performance. I've been running the part in my bike for the last two years since they first hit the shelf. It is awesome.

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