Tularosa MX

No, I’ve never been on any MX track, but I’ve seen it and would like to try this thing called “motocross.” :)

So I’d like to know about classes, race dates, practice etc. if you or anybody has this information.


Anybody ever race at the MX track outside of Tularosa, NM? (Otero County MX track, I think) I have heard good things about it and it finally looks like the weather may cooperate this weekend.

I'll let you know after this weekend!

I live in NM and have raced at the track located in Moriarty (30 miles E of Albuquerque). Everyone says that the Tularosa track is great: longer straights, great dirt, concrete/shaded start line. I'd like to race but it's 3 hours from Albuquerque and there are no practice days to get acquainted. There's an aerial view on the web site (http://www.zianet.com/sturgess/ride&race.html) along with directions. Quite a few people arrive Saturday afternoon and camp overnight.

Well, I didn't make it after all, the kids got the flu just in time! Another cool track you would probably like is down in Ft Sumner. Great dirt, fast straights and the most fun layout I have tried in a while. They usually race the third Sundays.

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