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New Front Axle Chevy. OEM, Aftermarket, or Used

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Blew out another inner seal on my front axle on my Chevy Colorado.

Looking at 3 options.

1st. OEM Brand spanking new 360.00

2nd. Aftermarket New 88.00 with shipping

3rd. Used salvaged OEM Axle with less then 50K on it. 88.00 with shipping.

Debating on doing the work myself or paying a local shop to install it.

To replace the inner boot it's 153.00. To have the shop replace the whole axle with their parts it's around 275.00.

Some thoughts on what to do here.

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You're talking about the CV shaft, not the differential right?

Go to Napa, pick up the half shaft for under $100, and install. On the floor, in the garage, DIY, maybe 3 hours?

For the price, leave the junk in the junkyard, and tell GM to stuff their overpriced parts.

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yeah, Half Shaft, CV Axle.

I swooped one up for 65.00 with 34,000 miles on it.

Plan on rebuilding the old one and having a spare.

Napa has them for 100.00 but they are remfd.

As long as the boots don't get torn, I've never had an issue with a reman CV shaft from anyone (even Vato Zone and other cheap-o wannabe parts stores).

Ever CV I've had to replace had a damaged boot.

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