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what should I do?

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I have an 08 CRF70 that has an 88cc BBR superpro kit in it that I bought last year. The bike is like brand new and it runs awesome, plus I got all the original engine parts with it. This bike is way too fast for my kid who is now on a '07 CRF50 but really needs the 70 chassis because of her size. I was thinking about taking out the engine of the 50 and swapping it with the 88 as my daughter still hasn't mastered the power of the 50 yet, but needs the larger size chassis. I also have a used Honda ruckus that has a bad engine and I know where I can get a subframe to mount the 88 to the ruckus. The guy who has it has an identical 88cc engine on his ruck and he mounted the shifter and everything and it will do 70mph (not that I want to go that fast on a ruckus). Question is, should I do the 50 engine swap into the 70 chassis and use the 88 for the ruck? I would then have an '07 50 chassis with no engine. How hard is it to find a stock honda 70 engine that I would just swap out with the 88? Is there a china 70 engine that is good quality? I see them everywhere for sale but I question their quality. I really don't want to rob the engine out of the 50 as I could sell it as a complete bike. I would love to find a newer stock honda 70 engine that has the wiring and carb with it. Are these tough to find and what can I expect to pay? Thanks.

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