How do you tell the difference between the YZ426 Exhaust header and the WR426's

Hi peeps,

Slowly getting there with my bike making it back into an enduro from Supermoto.

Got some WR400 Forks with new seals and 7w fork oil, standard 14-50 gearing from 15-45, Metzeler 6 Day Extremes, YZ front mudguard and a WR450 Rear shock (without the lower bearing! :smirk:)

The bike has spent its entire life in SuperMoto trim and the previous owner fitted it with STM slipper clutch, Auto Decomp Cam, K-Tech Lowered/Stiffened Forks, K-Tech Lowered Shock, 'Braking' Caliper with R1 Master Cylinder, Catch Tank, Gold Talon/Excel Rims with Michelin Pilot Slicks, Removed AirBox Lid, Akrapovic silencer.

I assume all the free mods have been done as it ran 52bhp at my local Dyno.

I just wondered how you tell the difference between the YZ Header and the standard WR as i hope with all the rest of the mods he has done, he has done this also.

I have heard its a bit lighter but is there anyway i can tell the difference as its the only exhaust i got with the bike.

Thanks again


Ps: does anyone know the size of the front disc bolts as im looking to getting another Magnetic bolt so i dont have to take it off my Wavy discs on my SM Rims. :smirk:

Up through at least '04 they are the same.

Up through at least '04 they are the same.

Oh, i must of been misinformed!, thanks for that, does anyone know the size of the front disc bolt?, i am offshore at the moment and can get a magnetic bolt in 6mm or 8mm, just need to know which.

Thanks again.

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