02 Yz426 slipping?

Hey I have a 2002 yz426f. Bought it a few days back. I was riding on some trails and took a short cut on a road back to the truck and trailer. When I got up into 5th and rolled on up to about 3/4 throttle, the bike started to skip. As if the chain had a bad kink or somthing like that. My buddy said just put a new clutch in it but I didn't wanna spend 60+ and that not be the problem. Thanks for any input.

The most likely cause is a worn set of locking lugs on the 3rd and 5th main shaft gears (pinions). They get rounded over and will no longer hold in under a load. As they force themselves out of engagement, they bend the shift fork as well.

fml. Its very harmonic. Happens about every second.

It's not the clutch. It only happens in 5th, right?

It's the transmission.

If it does it in other gears check your sprockets and make sure the teeth are not rounded or broken.

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