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xr650r street legal in montana going to hawaii

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I appreciate all help. If my bike is street legal in montana with the baja designs kit/title, can I register and make it street legal in hawaii?

don't want to waste money to ship/crate if I can't ride on the street legally with hawaii plates.

my bike is a 2007 xr650r with dot tires, baja kit, pass pegs, rear view mirror

thanks much

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Transferring from Out of State

1.Get adequate Car Insurance with an agency that is licensed to do business in Hawaii.

2.Have your shipping document (Bill of Lading), shipping receipt, and out-of-state registration card.

3.Find an authorized inspection center (available at many local gas/service stations) and have your car inspected. The Hawaii Inspection Certificate costs about $15. There's an extra $5 fee if you have after-market tinted windows. The station gives you a form to take to the satellite city hall office.

4.Fill out a registration application at your satellite city hall office.

5.Complete the out of state permit application form (available from your satellite city hall office).

6.Pay for new license plates.

7.Fill out a Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification form. Taxes generally aren’t due if you’re moving to Hawaii with all of your stuff.

8.Bring the above items and your title to a satellite city hall office.

9.Hawaii honors your existing out-of-state registration. Therefore, your Hawaii registration will be pro-rated, and you won't have to pay the full fee until the registration expires again.

10.You will receive your new plates right then and there. Check with your old state to see if you need to turn in your old plates.

11.You will have to take another form back to the inspection station and get your inspection sticker, which is placed on your bumper. This shows the month your inspection is due again.

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hey thanks, yeah lived on maui and brought my truck before. Going to the big island. So getting inspection sticker and registration isn't a prob with the xr650r? what island are you on?

I just wouldn't mention anything about it being "R" model or a dirtbike, per se. Just take it over and have it inspected, then take your Montana registration and other required paperwork in have it done. Do what is required and don't volunteer anything additional.

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