Help, do I have a problem? feedback please

Guys, I did the YZ timing mod and the bike runs great, however, I noticed a few drops of oil from the valve cover vent line the next morning after I ran the bike with the YZ timing around the block. Now, I started the bike, first kick, and I put my hand under the vent line (underneath the bike) and it is pulsating air. When you rev the bike in neutral it does not pulsate air any more. Is this normal?? What about the drops of oil? I never had those before the YZ timing change. Can you tell me if air pulsates our of your vent tube in neutral. Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)

I think you are ok. That hose sucks in and pushes air out to prevent blowing the engine cases wide open.

Does your bike ever drip oil out of the vent line? :)

I think one of your friends stuck a Harley Davidson sticker on your ride Bro. Look closely, sometimes they are hard to find.

do a search on this. there where many posts on this a while ago. yes it is normal to lose some oil from the breather :)

kevin :D

Ok, thanks, I will do a search. I should have thought of that. :worthy:It is just that before the YZ timing mod, I never had that happen. Then, I do the mod and it starts dripping out of the oil vent line. I was worried I screwed something up.

PS. I must be dense, I don't get the Harley joke :)

Harleys leak oil :lol:Drips from the vent line is normal and if you you apply the compression release, it's vented out the valve cover by way of the vent hose. It's all good..

Thats O.K. My Harley doesn't get it either.

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