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I'm finally pulling the trigger on some big mods and some smaller ones. TM 40 and suspension upgrades are the first two. I'd like to play with the gearing also. Does anyone know where I can find a 43 tooth rear sprocket and will it work with the stock chain length?

Believe it or not, my factory handlebars are still straight but I need 2 inch taller bars. What are the differences between the CR high bend and an ATV bend? Will my throttle cables be long enough?

Lastly, what about an R6 throttle tube. Has anyone put one on their DR? Which year R6 tubes will work for the DR? Thats all for now. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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the carb upgrade is a great one. and for a suspension id get a new rear spring and rebuild it with a goldvalve shock kit.

as for the front springs id get just a lil bit stiffer ones and rebuild the forks.

man i had a 43/15 gearing going on for a while then my sprockets started getting rly bad quick and i couldnt find a 43 tooth sprocketat all!! so i took a risk and got a 42tooth and man i like it better than the 43. it seems like i got to bang through the first 4 gears and 5th and 6th are extended out more in top speed.

my old gearing was


in 6th gear i would see 6000rpm's

my new gearing


in 6th gear i would see 5500rpm's

i thought the 42tooth was perfect for me i now do not worry at all about my motor hanging around 6500+rpms to go only 65/70mph.

now as for the handle bars im running a cr high bend bars on my dr350 and i still think i should gt risers to bring them up a 1 1/2".

it took me like 2 weeks to get used to the different style bars..weird but closest thing to stock that i could find..also the cables have enough room.

if you get cr high bends they have them on sale for cheap at www.ironpony.com

i think they are steel.

i hope my rammbling helps ya any

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Any and all ramblings are appreciated. The cr high bends sound like they might help me stand a little more upright on the pegs. I am running 14-42 on the sprockets, its not bad but I'd like to try a 43 if I can find one. I read on the DR wiki that a sprocket off a suzuki xf650 freewind is a 43t and will fit, has anyone tried it? I wish my 650 had a sixth gear.lol.

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Any shop can order you a JT steel sprocket for your 525 chain. They make 41, 42 and 43 tooth rear sprockets.

Just because JT makes a 43 doesn't mean you can actually buy one 😏. None of the major motorcycle part suppliers (Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Power Sports, Sudco, etc.) list them or keeps any in stock. There may be some small wholesale supplier that has them but I have not been able to find one who does:banghead:.

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