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2001 cr 80

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Its a two stroke

Has good suspension and brakes

Cheap motor repairs


Has the old style tank and shroud

Being an 80cc motor it has no low end power making it harder to ride

Motor needs needs to be freshed up more frequently than other (bigger) bikes

IMO the RB's (big wheels) are the ones have

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Your forks are pretty high up in the triples - essentially lowering your front end, which is fine if you're like me and have to make that work for a young/short rider. Just know that the bike might not corner well that way, and can be squirrely in the rough. We just moved our forks down in the triples (raising the front end) and my son will ride it for the first time that way tomorrow.

Watch your jetting - don't go too lean. When you freshen the piston/ring (super easy to do, and cheap too!), remember that you should richen it up...I didn't do that and wound up buying a new cylinder, piston, ring, etc. Ouch...

Your kid can beat the crap out of that bike - it'll take everything you can dish out and then some. Just watch all the bearing points, change the trans fluid often, keep the air filter clean, and make jetting changes in small steps. Plugs are cheap, new cylinder's are expensive!

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