2007 yz450f carb prob

Have a 07 yz450f thats bogs real bad cleaned the carb blow it out still the same bog?? Running complete stock jetting with a air screw anyone have a solution would be GREAT thanks

where in WA?

Yes, where in WA? And when did it start bogging?

The stock jetting works pretty well around western WA in the summer but if you are riding in eastern WA where it is signifiantly warmer and/or high up in the mountains then you are probably just running a little rich.

BTW your 'air screw' is actually a 'fuel screw'. Try turning it in a 1/4 turn at a time (makes it more lean) and see if that helps.

Ya I have same problem in CO and it back fires comming of the throttle. would like some jetting tips im adding a powerbomb and a Q4 also.

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