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91 dr350 with yz250 exhaust??

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Fitted a YZF450 silencer to my 91 Dr350. Required cutting about 6" of the first part of the silencer pipe and then using an off centre reducer to fit the front pipe. And then a simple bracket to hold the silencer. Quite an easy job if you know somebody who can weld stainless. If your serious about it I could try and get some photos o the site.😏

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The last 2 pictures show the off center reducer, which is a cone with a short piece of pipe welded on to fit the front pipe. The off center reducer should be available from any good stainless tube supplier.

And the other picture shows where I had to shape the pipe around the sub-frame.

forgot to take a picture of the bracket to support the silencer, but that is a straight forward Z shape.

Hope this is of help. And if your interested it makes a lovely deep thud.

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Sorry I haven't replied sooner but been on my hols.

The bracket was made from 1"x 1/8" flat stainless steel, here's a pic. P1020254.jpg

I didn't re-jet initially but I have since removed the snorkel from the airbox and decided to go up one size from a 135 to a 137.5 jet. I did go up to a 140 jet but found it was running too rich so put the 137.5 in and its running alot better. Still fine tuning the mixture at the mo. Hope this all helps.

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