jumping 426 vs 250 two stroke

I live in Ohio and winter is showing signs of easing. I am coming off a 00yz250 and have ridden the 426 3 times. I have noticed the 426 is more nuetral in body positioning compared to the two stroke. I haven't got a lot of saddle time,any comments appreciated-I'm 5'10 160lbs ride mostly mx,some indoor, some woods.

Jimyz, I just started riding MX in the past year and the 426 is my first bike so I don't have experience with 2 strokes, but you are right about the neutral body position. When I first started jumping the 426 I was wondering what effort I would have to make to handle the bike. The answer, I discovered, was no effort. The bike jumps very easily. You just hit the jump and the bike seems to launch perfectly every time. What I have learned about jumping the 4 stroke is to keep the throttle steady through the jump. If you blip the throttle coming off the jump you will get the front end up too high. If you cut off the throttle leaving the jump you will endo. Due to the engine braking when you let off the throttle, you get the same effect as hitting the rear brake in the air on a 2 stroke, which brings the front end down. Just keep the throttle steady and you will launch steadily without any body english necessary.

I understand to keep the throttle steady until leaving the jump. What about gear selection compared to the two stroke? Do you try to stretch the linear 4 stroke power or reach for another gear like the two stroke?


I spend most of my time in the desert doing 70-80mph (much safer than MX!!!!)(LOL)

But when i do make it to the track I am the only one of our group that runs a thumper and they are hitting the 60' table in 3rd wide open and spinning........

I just roll thru the corner in second and get on it nice and easy and hit the top of the jump under acceleration in second gear and easily clear 60'.

I actually have to be careful not to over jump the landing in second.

I just cant seem to hold it open in 3rd to clear the 100'er!!!! :)

my cajones are not that big

I have actually attempted it a couple of times and hit it in 3rd but let off at the top and landed nose first at the crest of the 100' mark compressed the suspension and rebounded off of the 12' landing ramp...........TWICE.......Enuf of that sh%* !!!!!!!!

I am running stock gearing on the Mx track and seem to have better trax

I think this explains why i need 1 less gear and the 400 seems to be taller geared anyway.




ride BLUE

G4 has the right idea. You will find that you can do everything one gear lower than you would on a 250 2s.

I am going to change the gearing to a 14/51. The 426 seems like alot of bike compared to the 250 yet more managable, the bike has a 10 ounce flywheel, and hydraulic clutch. I am getting ready to ride indoors mx next week, and will be outdoors soon. Any comments are appreciated-later

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