Hinson clutch basket.

How hard is it to remove the stock gear and cushions? Got some price quotes from 150-220 to install the complete clutch.. Is it worth the hassle should I just break down and get it done myself.

Just replacing the clutch? Id do it for $150!! haha its really not that difficult, watch some youtube videos to get the basic idea of difficulty and decide weather you have the tools and confidence to give it a try.

this one should give you an idea.

Do it your self it's a very easy job. Take your time and pay attention how everything comes apart.

If you are talking about changing the clutch basket, it's a bit more involved than changing out clutch plates.

Working from the back side, use a center punch to locate the center of each rivet holding the basket to the driven gear assembly. Use a small drill (1/8" or less) to run a pilot hole as near down the center of each to a depth of about 1/4", then use a 3/8" drill to cut the expanded "head" off the rivet. Stop when the end of the rivet spins free on the drill; don't cut into the hub assembly any more than can be avoided. A drill press is very helpful here.

Next, you have to remove the kick starter gear and transfer it over. This "can" be done by hand, but it's far better done with some type of press. The removal from the old basket is not so critical, but installing it into the new one can be a problem. It needs to be inserted and pushed all the way down so that it sits square in the basket, and doesn't distort or gall the splined hole or the area around it. At minimum, I would use a long bolt an appropriately sized socket, and a nut and washers to arrange an installer press. At least an arbor press would be preferable. Heat the basket to 200-210 ℉ to ease things.

Once that's done, clean everything, apply red Loc-Tite to the provided bolts (which you also cleaned oil free), torque them, and stake them.

Yep, and if you damage the cushions, Hinson doesn't sell them but Wiseco does!:banana:

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