Magura "Jack" Brake Tough Enough ?

I'm at odds with my bike tech. Usually he's right, but this time I think he's wrong.

Got a WR450 with a Revloc clutch and want a hydraulic left-hand brake with a T-Joint/Check Ball steel braided in to my rear caliper. I say a good juice clutch like a Magura "Jack" will do the job of actuating the rear brake calipers. He says it has to be a beefier juice clutch off a street bike (yuk !).

Who do you think is right ?

Figure out the bore diameter and the stroke of the stock rear brake M/C and find something that is similar. Might be the Magura 'Jack' might not be. Somewhere around here there was a post with an aftermarket m/c set-up for this type of thing. Might try searching?


Another issue with the Magura Juice (clutch) is that it uses mineral oil and not brake fluid, so that rules that out as a brake actuator unless you rig a way for the rod that pulls in on the Magura slave cylinder to actually pull up on the actuator of the slave for the rear brake caliper.

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