2010 YZ450F Exhaust weights?

I have researched and found that most think that the stock header is pretty good, and all of the aftermarket cans do a good job "spreading" to powerband, so I want a slip on for my 2010 YZ450F and can't find any weights listed on any of the available options, does anyone know where to find that info, or know any of the weights compared to the stock can? I have sent emails to various mfg's and have gotten no response. Anyone have a favorite? Thanks!

My Dr. D Stainless system was 1lb lighter then stock.:banana:

Thank you for the reply. I was about to get the Dr. D, but I got a really nice deal on a FMF 4.1 TI. I don't know what it weighs, I will post it when it arrives.

For anyone interested...FMF 4.1 TI slip on is 1lb. lighter than the stock can.

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