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Mobil1 10w-40 on a TE-570?

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I'm new on the forum, and also to the world of Husqvarna bikes.

I just broke the kick starter axle on my TE-570 the other day, and of course will have to put in new oil when I get the new axle.

Is it ok to use Mobil1 10-40 semi synthetic oil in this motor?



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Mobil1 is great stuff, and I ran it for years in all my Huskys.

The only problem is Mobil adds an additive that will make your clutch plates wear out a lot faster than they should.

Apparently the stuff is great for contact loads like gear to gear or bearing to bearing, but bad for friction loads like clutches.

There are a lot of good 4-stroke motorcycle specific oils out there... just buy a quality brand and you'll be fine.

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