01 yz426 with 06 yz450 ex cam

I know I know not another cam question, but trust me ive spent days serching and cant find the anwser. So I just picked up a 01 426 and really would like to do the DCM mod. now I know the 03 to 05 is a no brainer as is the hotcam, but what about the 06 to 09 shouldn't that work as well?

reason I ask is if you check part numbers on hotcams site they are all the same for 03-09 yz450f, and we all know the 03 to 05 works so i should be good right?

Please reply if you have know the facts


The later cams also work, but you may not care for the results if you use one later than '06. Starting with the '06, each year model up to '08 was progressively more biased toward high rpm power as opposed to low rpm grunt. The '03-'05 grind was very compatible with the 426 intake, and the '06 would most likely be a good match for it as well, but the '07 or '08-'09 probably not so much.

IMO, because of the increase in prices of new Yamaha parts, the inadvisability of using used cams, and the increased simplicity of installing the aftermarket cams, I think I'd use a Hot Cams stage I exhaust cam instead.

very good info, thank you sir.

you might be right with the hotcam over OEM, Prices are so close why not get a new one right?

again thank you.

by the way I'm new here as you can tell and new to the hole Mx bike thing. Looking forward to picking more brains as I go. Yz426 is my first ever dirt bike and its already put me on my ass a couple times :smirk: but man this is just so much funner than street riding.

I used the ex cam from my 06 and installed it in a buddies 99 YZ400 and it worked great. I bought the plug for the old decomp lever and now she starts so easy.

I've got 01 426 Had to time it three times. Have a heavy fly wheel and 04 450 cam,,, good luck it rips.

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