08 Wr450 Vent hoses

I have read many posts about the bikes sucking in water, sand and garbage that isn't good for the motor. Then i read a post stating that on the 08 WR450 yamaha has vented the case breather toward the top of the bike. Is this true? What is the best way to reduce my chance of getting garbage in my motor? Can I simply zip-tie my breathers up toward the top?

They are vented into the air box,if they are the same as an 07.

if you say it is vented into the airbox then I should see a vent hose running into it correct? Just want to make sure when I go out and start looking around

Look on the flywheel side of the motor just below the carburetor bowl you will see a vent hose coming off the starter gear housing that goes into a tee where the valve cover vent is also tied into that tee, then from there it goes into the bottom of the air box back on the flywheel side just above the air box drain.

I did see that hose you were talking about. Thank you for the help!

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