MOBIL 1 in your bike..? safe for clutch?

Its not a good ole Yami and this is a 2 stroke but I just sold a 2001 cr250r that I ran Mobil 1 in and I changed it after every ride. It was 5w 30. The reason I used it is because it is a really good oil and I also got it free from work. My tranny shifted alot smoother than using HP2. It didnt effect the clutch at all. The only reason I changed it after every ride is because it was such a light weight and I had a bunch of it. Just my $.02 .

An article was posted by a Chemical engineer out of CA that was tired of paying big bucks for "Motorcycle" oil and performed his own tests.

Anyone know where this post is?

I've been running Mobil 1 15-50 in my '04 WR450 since new. Used dino oil for first 500 miles then switched to Mobil1. Now over 4,000 hard miles and runs perfect. Valves have never moved(not even after break in!) Coincidence? Maybe...but I'll continue to run Mobil 1 'till she signs off. I worked as a motorcycle mechanic for several years, a vast majority of friends/co-workers swear by the stuff (15w-50 non EC only)...

No one has brought up Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 diesel rated oil? It is cheaper as well, has no friction modifiers, and it also has a great shear rating. I put 4,000 miles on my WR426 this summer and it is the only stuff I have ran. The valves have not moved and everything is as good as new! If you talk to some of the serious diesel guys this is what lots of them recomend.

As for using car oil with friction modifiers, that is a something that deffinently should not be done. My friend put some synthetic energy conseving oil in his brand new WR250 and his clutch is slipping horribly and probably is toast.

I ran Mobil 1 RED cap in my Wolverine when I ran some GNCC's, It has a 426 kit in it.But they switched the formula about 2 years ago, so I do not run it anymore. The old formula was safe for bikes and had the correct ratings.

Well I've been an Auto Tech for 28yrs and I fully agree with the benefits of using synthetic oil, however when it comes to my toys I have stuck with manufacture's oil ie: WR450 gets yamalube, Skidoo gets Bombarbier oil. My theory is that they have to warranty their product with their own labeled oils they better be good. So far so good, I have never experienced any oil related problems and the added cost of Yamalube is minimal

I use Schaeffer's Oil sepreme 7000 racing 20-50w never had a problem:thumbsup:

We have had mobile 1 15w50 auto oil,in 20 bikes xr,s and wr,s for maybe ten years no problems.

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