Valve pads needed

Anybody have size two 175 pads that they will sell? They are on back order through Yamaha with no release date. I have had no luck at local dealers. It has been 2 weeks and I am going through withdrawal. Thanks, Keith.

I’m 99% sure that is (mostly) what came in my ’00, and 95% sure I still have them. Send me (or post here) your address and I’ll happily mail them to you.

If your that desperite to ride grind the old ones down and spec them with a mic.


kmcbride: What were the pad sizes that came with your bike? Mine had 1.80's and 1.79's which kinda surprised me since the 1.79's aren't listed in the chart. I was lucky to get some pretty quick thru HLSM.

Hick: Mighty decent of you to offer those pads to kmcbride... :)

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Originally Ihad 2X179's, 1X178, and 2X172's.

All valves have tightened since new. I believe that the factory has odd sizes but OEM is in 5mm increments. Many shops will have odd sizes from adjustments, but none I have checked in Maryland. I know I could shave the larger size down and mic it out, but I would feel better with OEM. I am trying to keep valves near high end range, anticipating future tightening.

Much thanks to Hick! He is sending me the 175's. This forum has saved me major time and money, and for someone who has owned and work on bikes for 20 years I have learned more here than from any dealer mechanic I have encountered.

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Thumpertalk to the rescue! That's great. If anyone else is in such a fix, a machinist could surface grind them to any required thickness.

Yep, my valves have tightened up slightly...but only some. I don't suppose it's all that abnormal for just one of the intake valves to be needing a thinner shim?

Anybody else have any 175's they would like to sell? I've had my order in for two since the 3rd of January.

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