06 450 mods; wave rotors and wider pegs; is it worth it?

The rear locks up too easily and I want more braking power in the front so I was looking at replacing the stock rotors with wave rotors but wanted to check here to see if that would be the correct choice given my needs. Also, do wider foot pegs make much difference? I was thinking about getting some Ti flat stock and TIG welding the stock pegs to make them wider.

Wave style rotors of the same diameter as your OEM rotors won't increase your stopping power. The intent of the design is to sweep mud and such from between the pads better, so under extreme conditions they can actually help stopping power indirectly, but dry for dry, there's no difference. The exception is some of the aftermarket rotors that are made from carbon steel rather than stainless. These have a bit more friction with the pads, but wear a bit faster, and they rust unless looked after.

Oversized kits work, and some like them, but they can be pricey.

Two low cost mods that work well with your bike are the use of OEM Honda CRF450 pads (~'05-'07) and or the front master cylinder from a late CR/CRF as well. The best are the '07-'09 models with the linkage built in. The M/C can be found used on eBay cheap.

I have the fastway foot pegs and set them at the low boy position on my 06 and they sure do make you feel planted.

I forgot the pegs. My '06 came to me used with a pair of Lightspeed titanium wide pegs on it. I had not tried any up to that point, and probably would not have bought any for myself, but having ridden with them, they do help me, and they are an improvement.

I'm considering going with a wider set of pegs for my '06 I just bought from Steve97060. :smirk:

I put a set of Fastway pegs on my old KTM 300. My arches of my feet appreciated these pegs very much. :smirk:

Two minor drawbacks were: the kickstarter hit these wider pegs sooner than with stock pegs, so you no longer got a complete stroke of the the kicker. No big deal, because the 300 was an easy starter. The second minor gripe was that the Fastways can't fold back as far as the stocker pegs would, due to their extra width. This would sometimes cause probs in deep ruts.......

But overall, the Fastway's advantages outweighed the gripes I had about them..... :cheers:


You can also use the stock pegs from an 08 and 09 I believe. They are wider than 06 and 07.

Looking at the stock rotors, there are so many ~5/16 holes in it that I would not be suprised if the aftermarket wave rotors actually have more surface area contact with the pads. would this equate to increased stopping power?

Not necessarily. It depends on the pads. In general, if the area is decreased, the specific pressure on the contact area is increased when the same force is used to apply the brake.

To an extent, the braking friction increases as either the area or the specific pressure increases, so it is more or less a wash. The snag is that with most kinds of pad materials, there is some point at which the returns from increased pressure begins to diminish, but for the most part, it stays pretty linear.

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