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Questions about XR200r!

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I have a couple technical questions I need help with. I'm looking for some very descriptive replies. I apologize beforehand if some of these questions have been asked before, I'm just new to Thumpertalk. =)

Alright, So today I bought a pretty mint 1983 XR200r. $500 bucks I'd say is pretty cheap. It's got a 240 stroker kit in it. The frame is powder-coated white and most of the plastics have been replaced by new ones. The gas tank is origonal and the bike runs great with the super-trapp. It clearly needs the valves adjusted because theres a slight knocking while riding.

1. Am I going to run into major problems down the road with this 240 stroker motor? or can I coount on it being reliable. I'm not jumping it or beating the thing to shit, just riding around on the private roads in my neighborhood.

2. Is this bike easy to convert into an enduro?

3. What steps must i take to make it street legal?

I want to make it street legal and use it to commute a total of 55 miles round trip about twice a week to the college.

And if so, I've had the hardest time finding a blinker/tail light/mirror kit that will fit the 1983 year. I read some stuff about the baja designs one.

Can anyone give me a link to a kit that will for-sure work with this bike?

I've noticed theres no key to the bike.

3. How much on average do you think it would cost someone to install a kit for a mandatory key before I kickstart my engine.

I was looking on the right side and there's no compression release cable.

4. Is this going to be a problem? (cant seem to find CR cables on ebay for this year anyways.) From the research I've done so far, it's a good thing to have an active CR when starting a bike.

I'll be looking forward to the replies! Thanks guys!!!!!

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You can't make it steet legal. A few year's ago California made it illegal to street legal dirt bikes. Your options would be get a plated frame from another state and swap it over or plate it in another state then re-plate in California.

For the link to the kit, just call Baja Designs and talk to them.

You can do a key in less than an hour. Buy a key switch on ebay and install it. I did it on my street legal CR85/XR100.

I'll let other people chime in on the 240cc part of it, because with a 67mm piston and 6mm stroke, you end up with about 220cc's. There are some real top notch experts hear on TT, they can help you.

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Couple of issues:

Stock alternator is less than 50watts, stock headlight is 25 watts. I put a 35watt 12 volt light on my 82 by using a MSR 12 volt AC regulator. But you will need a DC system to run turn signals and horn. 90+ XR200R alternators are the best and the 86+ electrical systems will fit.

Never heard of a 240 stroker The Powroll stroker was 6mm and 218cc with a big bore piston, a CRF 230 has a slightly longer stroke and 223cc. Pre 86 XR200s had weak starter mechanisms. if it were a 240 you would need the compression release to start it or risk breaking the starter mechanism. I do suggest fixing the compression release before you break the kicker gears.

Check the engine number and VIN number to make sure you got what you think you paid for; the first 4 digits of teh engine number should be ME04 (bottom left side of engine just aft of oil drain plug) and the 4th-7th VIN digits (on right side of steering head) should also be ME04.

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Rumor has it that the late Bud Black was producing his own custom 240cc stroker cranks here in CA. I've never had the opportunity to tear one down and verify the stroke. They were built on a one off basis using Suzuki or Kawasaki rods and custom machined pistons. Due to the extremely short rod and rod angularity this combination creates I wouldn't expect piston life to be very long. He had a very loyal following with his motor builds. I know a couple of people with them. I haven't heard of any failures but I would be very cautious of trying to commute 55 miles a day with one. It's also possible that it's only a powroll stroker at 218-223cc. A lot of mechanics seem to exaggerate displacement increases wildly.

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I'm adding lights to mine now. Got the left hand controls from a wreckers. There is a tail light I ordered from a Canadian distributer, motovan:


It is on page 294, and $16.99, which is I think is pretty good for a the combo or taillight, license plate light, and license plate holder. I believe they have ones with turn signals built in, but I can just use some $10 ones and drill a hole through the plastic behind the seat to mount them. I'm worried that would crack the plastic in a fall, so maybe I'll weld them under the seat, not sure. For the front ones I'll just use an L bracket from the hardware store and the cheepie lights, though I'd like something prettier for the bracket. FYI: doing all the wiring for it is a nightmare, make sure to label all the wires on each end.

I plan on using this for the horn:


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If you want a plate it needs to be street legal, each state has different requirements for plated motorcycles; some require insurance some don't, some require turn signals some don't, etc.

Some XRs had OEM lights to comply with NFS requirements for dusk-dawn trail riding, just a headlight and tail light, but not adequate for street use.

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